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Qiducia provides insurance underwriting services, claims management and risk advisory to the professional construction and residential property service providers sector.

We are a specialist technical underwriting firm, underwriting construction and building risk on behalf of Guild Insurance Ltd (ABN 55 004 538 863, AFSL 233791).

Qiducia Underwriting contributes to the effective functioning of the owner builder insurance markets best practice.

We support reform that strengthens owner builder risk mitigation activities and construction site procedures. 

We believe insurers, building certifiers, surveyors and consultants, including engineers and the trades hold responsibility and accountability to continuously contribute to the learning, education and support for safe, practical and economically beneficial owner builder community.

What makes us different?

In the challenging owner builder insurance sector, Australian families are adapting to busy and complex lives, juggling, family, careers, and life style requirements. Insurances may appear much the same. But in the residential construction, renovations and extension sector, insurances are not all equal. Not all owner builder projects are equal and not all risks can be quantified on the same terms.

Qiducia Underwriting is the technical centre of Guild Insurance Ltd (ABN 55 004 538 863, AFSL 233791), owner builder business, which issues your insurance.

Qiducia is inherently underwriters who understand rating risk. Our response to owner builder queries is more ‘YES’ and how to accept their risk; than ‘NO’, it’s too hard today. Qiducia is deeply anchored in an underwriting culture. Our team is experienced, with a history of collaborating with Australia's best broking firms, industry professionals and industry regulators over many years. Our reputation is built on deep owner builder involvement with tens of thousands owner builder insurance situations, reviewed and approved.

As an underwriting agency our clients are insurance brokers, retail and online insurance houses, building certifiers, surveyors and engineers. We provide owner builder risk advice to legal and conveyancing firms.

We provide technical insurance advice to local government and statutory bodies and contribute to the effective functioning of the owner builder markets best practices, including owner builder risk mitigation management services.

Qiducia is an underwriter with gold stamp client approval, which is highly recognisable, local and community service based. Owner builders prefer recognisable and financially sound insurance brands because they ‘think and act’ as retail buyers. Owner builders expected an underwriter is known, reliable and with local brand presence, just like Guild Insurance Ltd (ABN 55 004 538 863, AFSL 233791).

Our clients are offered Policy Wordings (PDS) that are pertinent, relevant and on-point for class of risk and owner builder segment.

Our mutual insurer’s relationship allow us to maintain quality control over products and service levels.

Qiducia managers claims in the first instance to reduce time and paperwork, afterall claims settlement is the job of an insurer.

Our premiums are designed to delight.

Product Information.

First class insurance products issued through the world’s best insurers, exclusively made for Australia’s Owner Builders.

We insure new home construction, alterations and additions, commneced works, builder to lock up projects, duplex, villa units and commercial projects. Purpose designed and priced granny flat, garage and shed insurance packages. Broad and comprehensive Kit Homes and Transportable Developments insurance scheme.

Qiducia’s home extension, alterations and renovators insurance is recognised as Australia’s best value, best all-purpose comprehensive cover.

Personal Accident. Voluntary Workers. Accident Cover. Home Warranty Insurance.

Owner builder construction public and legal insurances

  • New dwelling construction insurance
  • Alterations, additions and renovators insurance package
  • Owner builder, including spouse and partners accident insurance
  • Voluntary workers insurance pack
  • Project managers insurance’s
  • Professional Indemnity Insurances
  • All risk insurance
  • Public liability

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Qiducia Underwriting

Financial Services Licence No 442158 ABN: 32 097 620 758
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Qiducia Underwriting is a trading name of Qamvis Insurance Group Pty Ltd (est 2001)
Financial Services Licence No 442158 ABN: 32 097 620 758