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We are a national firm, passionate, diverse, and exceptional people driven to excel, do it right, be fair and act in the very best interest of our clients.

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Owner builders are not hard nose insurance buyers, they are just mums and dads doing the best they can for their family. Everything we do is about respect with fairness ensuing cover directly protects our clients’ interests.

Responsive, Care & Diligence

Our responses, Wordings and underwriters behaviours demonstrate like no other insurer: care, understanding and honestly. Refreshingly sound in a confusing marketplace.

Qiducia Underwriting provides technical, construction & insurance expertise to Australia’s owner builders

Qiducia Underwriting is Australia’s largest owner builder underwriting agency committed to building a better insurance world for owner builders, with increased trust, openness and fairness. Owner builders are not professional insurance buyers. They are un-attuned to industry jargon, conventions and nuances of insurance. They often reach out asking for helping hand to choose the right insurance product. Qiducia exists because standard, hardnose, commercial insurances are not designed for owner builders. These scheme based commercial insurances, hash in tone, with terms and wordings often with little or no relevance to owner builders risks, may make matters worse for novice insurance buyer.

At Qiducia, everything we do is about respect with fairness. We support our channel partners (brokers and intermediaries) with in-depth understanding of the owner builder market. Our deep expertise has seen us work with first class insurers and brokers, to help them solve complex and challenging owner builder risks, behaviours and claims assessments. Through collaboration and innovation our people aim to provide genuine, sustainable value for our clients and channel partners.

Beyond our clients we contribute in voluntary and honorary capacities to assist the wellbeing of the communities in which we live and operate. We work with community partners to help solve challenges,

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Our specialists have a great deal of experience and skills in capital markets.
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Kathleen Kelly

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Sam Greco

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Courtney Myer

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