Frequently Asked Questions

Our construction started some time ago, will you still insure us?

YES. We will require background information but in essence "no problems"

Commenced works projects:
1. Commenced Works, pre lock-up, no adverse conditions will apply. Check PDS for full details
2. Commenced Works, post lock-up, requires understanding of works completed and works remaining to completion. Previous insurance and a claims statement. A Commence Works endorsement will apply
3. Builder to Lock-up application are often confused with Commenced Works application, however provided there is a clear separation between licenced builder’s work and owner builder project then applications are acceptable. We require however understandings of value of works completed and value works remaining to completion.
a. Previous insurance details
b. Claims statement clarifying any known claims or building site disputes and any known incidents that may give rise to a claim in the future
c. Building site security details
Kit Homes and Steel Frame Structures.

Kit Homes are popular owner builder projects and many kit vendors encourage an owner builder pathway for their customers. Kit Home constructions are accepted on same terms and conditions as any other construction types. No special conditions or excesses apply.

Transportable Homes are relocated structures or new homes built in fabrication centres and reset on residential sites. In most cases vendors include transportation and resetting of structures, which then allows owner builders to complete a residence. Transportable homes vendors include insurance to hand over as standard practice. Owner builder insurance is attached on same terms and conditions as standard residential construction project, following hand over.
Does my company get free admission to the member club?
The Businext Member Club has a robust Corporate Membership program that offers a wide range of benefits: The cornerstone is free employee access to both club and forum. Please check our roster to see if your company is eligible for becoming a member of ours.
How can my company get involved at the Businext Club?
Businext club inspires and engages the employees & clients of nearly 300 of the most distinguished and innovative global businesses. Join today to enjoy exclusive events, one-of-a-kind experiences, and team-building activities that will spark creativity and new ideas.
What are the marketing opportunities for my company?
Program sponsorship with Businext Club offers significant philanthropic and marketing opportunities for corporate engagement through the Club’s customized, wide-ranging partnership platform. Programs available for sponsorship include educational activities, exhibitions, performances, film series, concerts, etc.
How do I host an event at the Businext Club?
At select levels, corporates have the exclusive opportunity to host an event at the Businext Club. (Additional rental fees do apply.) For more information about becoming a member of that, please visit our Corporate Membership page or call (012) 345-6789.
On the road to success of Businext, the role of our partners are of the great importance. We take partnerships seriously, therefore there are so many benefits and privileges to be brought about through cooperation and union between sides.
How do my company host an event?
We have elegant spaces and convenient location with expansive office buildings in Long Island City for our partner. We also provide facilities for events of both large and small size to be taken place.
Can my company plan and host an exhibition at your place?
Definitely yes. That is one among various privileges of becoming a partner with us. We do not accept exhibition proposals from outside organizations or allow companies to host public displays at our place.
Can we host a product launch party?
This depends on the kind of products you would like to introduce. Please review the guidelines on our website for more information about types of products allowed to be promoted.
How do we get our products in your collection?
Only products that are produced based on the cooperation and contribution from both sides can enter our collections. For more information, contact our product development department.