What to know Vibration, Weakening and Removal of Support

What to know when Vibration, Weakening and Removal of Support is Part of the Construction Process

Owner builder construction activities that may result in Vibration, Weakening and Removal of Support should be assessed along the same criteria as licenced builder projects. Owner builders are generally not qualified nor skilled to comment or draw inference to the risks surrounding specialised construction actives and rely heavily on their engineers and building consultants recommendations.

What to know when Piling activities are required in owner building environments:

Piling is the activity when deeper foundation are required because shallow foundation would not be suitable for the proposed new structures. For example, construction of structures with heavy loads, poor soil or close proximity to neighbouring structures.

Piling Methods
Screw Piles are wound into the ground much like a screw into wood. Screw piles are the least impact on the ground and surrounding structures as there is no or limited vibration.

Bored piling is a method that involves boring a circular hole into the ground, installing steel reinforcement and filling the bore hole with concrete to form a pile.

Driven or Drilled Piles are driven in the ground by force. This method has great vibration impact on the ground and can be a concern if done close to existing or neighbouring structures.

Underwriting Consideration
When assessing construction risk where piling is required, special consideration is required to liability risks. The risk of damage to neighbouring structures is the primary concern for insurance. Where driven/drilled piles are being used damage to neighbouring properties is common and therefore proximity to these structures and the experience of the engineer and contractors carrying out the work should be carefully assessed.
While screw piles and bored piles carry the least risk, proximity to boundary line and neighbouring structures could impact soil and foundation stability.

Underwriting Requirements
To assess the risk where piling is required we would require the following:
1. Description of the works.
2. Details of the Engineer and Subcontractors including their insurance details and experience.
3. Copy of engineering and site plans.
4. Copy of building permit.
5. Details of Piling work including method, number of piles, distance to boundary line and neighbouring structures.

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