Shoring, Underpinning and Propping and Insurances

Shoring is the process of supporting a building, structure or trench with props or support. For examples shoring include retaining walls, boxing up of drainage pipe or temporary formwork.
The requirement for shoring could indicate significant excavation which would impact on ground support.

Underwriting Consideration
When assessing shoring, it is vital to understand the reason for shoring and the impact it has on the surrounding ground and neighbouring structures.

Underwriting Requirements
To assess the risk where piling is required we would require the following:
1. Description of the works.
2. Details of the Engineer and Subcontractors including their insurance details and experience.
3. Copy of engineering and site plans.
4. Copy of building permit.
5. Reasons for Shoring.
6. Size of the shoring including depth and width and distance to boundary line and neighbouring structures.

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