General Insurance Code of Practice

Qiducia Underwriting acts on behalf of Guild Insurance Limit who have subscribed to the General Insurance Code of Practice (Code). Qiducia undertakes to comply with the Code when transacting products or handling claims. If we do not comply, you can report us to the insurer or directly to FOS.

The Code can be found at

The Code requires us to:
1. Ensure our dealings with customers are open and transparent. We must not engage in any misleading, deceptive, dishonest or fraudulent act or omission.
2. Provide high standards of service when selling insurance, dealing with claims, responding to catastrophes and disasters and handling complaints.

The Code covers all general insurance products with the exception of:
1. Workers compensation;
2. Marine insurance;
3. Medical indemnity insurance;
4. Compulsory third party insurance;
5. and Life and health insurance products issued by life or registered health insurers.

The Code is designed to raise service standards for consumers in a number of areas including training of employees and service providers, buying insurance, insurance claims, financial hardship, repair workmanship and materials, responding to catastrophes and disasters, and complaints handling.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is responsible for monitoring and reporting on Code compliance and will prepare annual reports on Code compliance. Breaches of the Code can be reported to FOS, which will then:

1. Investigate the breach;
2. Provide the opportunity for the insurer to respond;
3. Determine whether a breach has occurred;
4. Reach agreement with the insurer about what corrective action, by when it will be taken and how it will be monitored.
5. FOS will investigate whether the corrective measures have been implemented within the agreed time frame and may report any failure to correct the breach to the Code Compliance Committee within 10 business days of the end of that time.

FOS will report to the Code Compliance Committee on:

1. Significant breaches of the Code, including agreed corrective action;
2. The outcomes of agreed FOS Code compliance monitoring reviews; and
3. Any incidents where FOS cannot reach agreement with a breaching party regarding corrective action.

The Code Compliance Committee can impose the following sanctions:

1. A requirement that particular corrective action be taken within a specified time frame;
2. A requirement that a compliance audit be undertaken;
3. Corrective advertising; and/or
4. Publication of the non-compliance.
5. Code Compliance Committee decisions are binding on Code subscribers.


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