Why owner build. Economic benefits

Save money
Savings by foregoing registered builder’s operating margins and profit (upward of 25% of construction cost)
Take control of building materials expenditure including handling costs
Negotiate subcontractor rates
As a guide, owner builders expect to save approximately 38% over a project home or trades managed renovations, or what could be considered the builder’s margin.
Wealth Creation
Owner building enhances the potential for wealth creation when leveraging the family home. For example the ratio between asset value and the construction costs outlay.
Increase Dwelling or Asset Value
Construction costs savings can be redirected into a larger or more prestigious, better equipped dwelling
Increased ownership value also means better lifestyle. Less borrowings. More asset value
Greater quality control and decision making remains with owners
Eliminate design mid-project alterations and addition fees charged by builders

“Difference between insurance value and premium is an owner builder’s incentive to buy”

Project Classifications

Commenced Works
Registered builder to lock up projects
Straw bale constructions
Container and relocatable structures including portable building & lifestyle solution
Kit homes, steel frame homes, granny flats and wide span sheds
Outdoor, swimming pools, decking and landscaping
Prestige homes