Qiducia Owner Builder Insurances and Underwriting Services

Delivering best in class owner builder insurances.

Brief about Qiducia Underwriting

Qiducia is a specialised insurance firm built on a long heritage of underwriting construction, renovation and building risks on behalf of Australia’s premier insurance houses. Our chosen field of expertise is owner builder.
Our chosen skills lie in the technical aspects of construction and renovations risks and how best to protect, insurer and safeguard our clients personal wellbeing and financial assets.

We Insurer all Categories of Owner Builder:
  1. Residential Construction
  2. Renovations, Additions and Alterations
  3. Granny Flats
  4. Relocatable Homes
  5. Kit Homes
  6. Commercial Projects.

We insure commenced projects where a builder has “walked-off” the job, or sacked for incompetence.
We insurer environmentally sustainable homes, incorporating state of the art building techniques, modular homes developments, such as luxury shipping container homes and pools. We insure commercial and multi-use projects.
Often a first time owner builder or property investor, you are in good safe hands, because our client’s list reaches-out beyond tens of thousands of Australians, just like you, who seek assurance knowing their personal wellbeing and financial assets are protected by the best insurance available.

Quality makes the belief
for customers.